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2017 Month : December Volume : 3 Issue : 4 Page : 178-181


Dr. Priya Raj Butoliya1

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Priya Raj Butoliya,
2/204, Vastu Khand, Gomti Nagar,  


This paper is an attempt to focus on the co-relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Strategy. Organisations should be socially aware and responsible to become good corporates, which have percussion on public image and reputation in the society. It is the contrib ution of the organisation towards the betterment of the society. In today’s globalisation, formulating the CSR strategies into actual human resource management practices is a challenging and stringent task. CSR is a society-oriented concept and HRM is an organisation-oriented concept. There are two aspects: the CSR activities are framed to promote HRM practices and the HRM practices are composed to involve the employees of the organisation. CSR affirms the role of HR manager in formulating and materialising its activities, communicating its importance to employees and stakeholders, directing and controlling the action plan. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the Case Study of Adani Pow er & its impact on the welfare of the society. The essence of this c oncept lies in incorporating environmental and social issues with the economic aspects of the organisation. CSR is closely associated with the employeerelated practices which are covered under the scope of HRM. Therefore, the adoption of CSR practices enc ompasses a dependency and influence on HRM. The study begins with focusing on the relationship and relevancy between CSR and HRM strategies. 



Human Resource Management (HRM), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Human Resource Management Practices (HRP), Adani Power.

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